5 How to Make Love Intimate Relationships Husband Wife Long Lasting

Step 1 How to Make Love Intimate Relations Husband Wife Long & HOT: do not eat before bed

Satiety can reduce arousal. This can happen if your dinner is too late and the stomach is full of carbohydrates and sweet fats (like ice cream). Eating ‘heavy’ also causes women to feel less sexy. Therefore, enjoying a heavy meal before sex is not the right strategy. But you also do not get hungry for deliberately skipping dinner. We recommend a light meal, which does not make the stomach feel full, and enough practical in order to immediately enjoy the next activity. For more information you can visit Titan Gel

Step 2 How to Make Love Intimate Relations Husband Wife Long & HOT: Appreciate the husband

In every relationship, it is easy to get caught up in a routine that can lead to deeds with self-interest. This can turn off your sexual attraction both. Launch extra praise or attention to the husband, at least once each day without expecting him to do something for you. Have time to talk to both of your husbands about your activities both days. The positive energy you give will be beneficial, because the husband is happier and he will think of your happiness.

Step 3 How to Make Love Intimate Relations Husband Wife Long & HOT: watch comedy together

Laughter causes the heart to pump faster and drain blood throughout the body, including to the sexual organs. In addition, laughing with your husband creates bonding and romance between the two of you.

Step 4 How to Make Love Intimate Relations Husband Wife Long & HOT: honest

Never fake an orgasm. Despite the good intentions, this little lie not only affects oneself, but also the husband. Because, the husband will think that the way he does to arouse the desire is what you want, so he will do the same thing in the next opportunity. It’s best to say what you want him to do. When embarrassed, use sign language, guide his hand to the place that arouses you. If you include women who are difficult to reach orgasm, consult an expert doctor.

Step 5 How to Make Love Intimate Sex Husband Wife Long & HOT: Reduce the list of jobs

If you include people who are used to handling all the work all by themselves, start learning to delegate work to others, or delete some lists of your activities. Re-evaluate job priorities. For example, do you need to attend all meetings. According to research, stress will release the hormone cortisol that can inhibit the production of the hormone testosterone in women, and the female brain needs to reduce stress to achieve orgasm.