5 Reasons to Use a High-Quality Equine Supplement

Feeding your competition horse the best food available and giving them plenty of training and periodic rest is not always enough to combat stress and anxiety. Below are five reasons you should introduce a horse supplement for their overall health.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Performance horses can suffer as much from the stress and anxiety of upcoming competitions as their human counterparts. Intake of the right nutrients and balance of ingredients can help alleviate the symptoms of stress, which guarantees a better outcome. It can be given to all equines on the day of performance without flagging for doping. The natural ingredients are not considered detrimental and performance enhancing in and of itself. It is the improved nutrition and nutrient absorption that makes the difference.

Calms Flighty Behaviors

Horses that seem to be terrified of their own shadows are at increased risk of serious injury and death during transport from one performance event to another. Quality equine performance supplements like those offered by My Horse Health will assist a horse to stay calmer, even during high-stress situations.

Improves Digestion and Absorption of Nutrients

Equine supplements that focus on calming the digestive tract will help boost the immune system and leave a horse feeling more comfortable at all times. As large as horses are, they have amazingly sensitive digestive tracts. A probiotic upgrade allows for the more complete digestion of foods.

Increases Muscular Elasticity for Tense Horses

Tense and anxiety-ridden equine tend to tense up muscles, which limit performance and can lead to unexpected injuries. Supplements will help with the elasticity of tense horses, reducing the risk of injury. It is a natural way to boost performance.

Improves Overall Demeanor for Performance Horses

High-quality horse supplements have the potential of taking a flighty, tense animal and calming them to the point that performance results are nearly 100 percent improved. The wide scope of assistance it gives to the horse creates an improved overall demeanor before, during, and after a competition.

Thankfully, not every equine is bothered by stress and anxiety brought on by competitive events. Look for the signs of stress in your horse and address the problem right away.