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The Merits of Consuming Tea. It is a type of hot beverage which is made from camellia leaves which don’t go through oxidation and withering processes that are used to prepare black and oolong type of tea. This type of tea has its origin in China, but it has widely used by various countries in Asia. Different types of green tea usually have different tastes, due to an element such as the time of harvest, production processing, growing conditions, horticultural methods and variety of camellia used. Reasons why it I advisable for human to have green tea in their tea cups. Green tea normally helps in weight loss by increasing the metabolism. What facilitates the fat oxidation in one’s body convert food into calories in green tea, is an element known as the polyphenol. Green tea consumption, Is a healthy way of cutting down on weight since it does not have any side effects. Use of green tea, help in bringing down sugar levels in an individual’s blood. Apparently, this type of tea assist in glucose regulation thus slowing the rise of sugar in the blood after having a meal. Normally, this tea type prevents increased levels of insulin leading to storage of fats.
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Green tea helps in reducing the risks of getting heart diseases. Consumption of this type of tea, it aids in lining of the blood vessels and be in a position to handle blood pressure variations. Green tea also helps the blood from clotting, thus prevents one suffering from a heart attack.
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Green tea, also, helps reduce the risk of contracting cancer. Basically, what the tea does, it kills the cancer cells without having to destroy healthy tissue around them. This type of tea is rich in minerals and vitamins that stimulate health within the body. The eye tissues that lead to glaucoma, are protected and strengthened by the vitamin C and E as well as the lutein that are present in green tea. For one to have gums that are free from wounds, it is advisable to use green tea. This type of illness usually affects many persons leading to inflammation of the gum which is caused by bacteria. The tea normally ha the anti-inflammatory elements that control the periodontal illness. Seasonal allergies can healed by taking this type of tea. The green tea can combat these allergies due to the fact they have the anti allergic properties. A Japanese company’s research has shown that the antioxidants and the compound methylated gallate present in green tea, are in a position to block cell receptors that cause allergy. Many people are affected by this syndrome but can be healed by consuming cups of green tea. The symptoms that come along with poorly functioning digestive system, are intensive abdominal pains, bloating, constipation and diarrhea. It is advisable that the persons suffering from the syndrome, to drink green tea that do not contain caffeine and when it is hot. Green tea can help a person suffering from depression, to heal. It decrease the symptoms of anxiety and depression too which include, unexplained sadness, appetites loss and a lot of interest in daily activities.