Check Out these Resorts near Hyderabad If You Are on a Family Trip

It is a great feeling to go on a trip to Hyderabad along with your family. When you travel with your family, you need to book Hyderabad resorts that have great facilities for children. They play a great role in influencing family decisions. Hence, many resorts have facilities that attract children. Let us look at some of the best resorts that you should try out on a family trip to Hyderabad.

a)    Ragala Resort

Ragala Resort is the perfect location for both honeymooning couples and families looking for a quick getaway from the busy life of the city. Kids would love the swimming pools as well as the cricket grounds present at this resort. The sprawling premises allows for social gatherings like wedding and family get together. There are facilities for organizing children birthday parties and cocktail parties, thus making it a great place to socialize. There are unique facilities like rain dance floor, gym rooms, and options for indoor games. The highlight of this resort is the wellness camps they conduct on a regular basis. The Ragala Spa is a hit with people who love to avail alternative treatment procedures.

b)    Papyrus Port Resort

Papyrus Port Resort offers a great blend of Indian and Egyptian style hospitality. Families would enjoy such an experience because it presents a fine opportunity to educate their children about the finer aspects of these two varied cultures. This resort represents the wonderful heritage of Egyptian culture and literally transports you to Egypt. In addition to this eye-opening experience, the family will be able to take advantage of the wonderful spas, nature walks in lawns, and other types of indoor and outdoor entertainment. This resort has 26 rooms offering the latest amenities. The Pyramid Restaurant, ‘Khafres and Khufus’ offers a great blend of various types of cuisines to satisfy the palate of everyone in the family. You end up rejuvenating your body, mind, and spirit.

c)     Brindavan Resort

Your child learns about the Indian and Egyptian culture at the Papyrus Port Resort. The Brindavan Resort allows you to teach the finer points of Indian mythology. Who does not know about Brindavan and its importance in Indian mythology? This resort recreates the feeling of Brindavan by encompassing the characters of Krishna and Radha’s romance. The main characteristics of this resort are the designer peep windows, also known as Jharokhas. You have the simple swings or Jhulas as they call it in Brindavan lingo. This resort takes you into the bygone era and lets you enjoy the calmness, love, and happiness associated with the Brindavan era. You have 13 elegantly and aesthetically designed rooms that can suit the interests of all classes of travellers. The coffee shop, Rasa helps in setting the mood for the entire day by providing some of the most exotic coffee you will ever get in Hyderabad.

d)    Summer Green Resort

Hyderabad is fast turning into a concrete jungle. Hence, anyone would welcome the chance to experience some green cover. Summer Green Resort has these mango and coconut trees in plenty. Families would enjoy the tranquillity associated with the resort. Children and their parents alike would love the recreational facilities available at this resort. Hence, this is a favourite location for conducting birthday and wedding parties. There are various party lawns such as Water Front, Golf Lawn, Madapam Lawns, etc. This resort has a variety of sporting facilities like Burma Bridge, Rope and Knot climbing, and rappelling. You have facilities for playing outdoor sports like volleyball, golf, and football among others. The various dining facilities make it a complete family resort. If you are looking to book resorts in Hyderabad that families can enjoy, this one should be high on your list.

e)    Honey Berg Resorts

How about a resort that could allow you to spend your excursion in the midst of nature? If that is what you are looking at, you should not look beyond Honey Berg Resorts. This is the perfect location for your family to enjoy the beauty of nature. It would be a great way to invest some peaceful energy away from your busy work schedules. You have a lot of recreational facilities on offer such as cricket, volleyball, badminton along with adventure experiences such as Bungee Trampoline, Rain Dance, and wall climbing, and so on. This resort might just be the best place to spend your holidays along with your family.

Quality time spent with the family is always valuable. Ensure that you give the best opportunities to your family to enjoy. These five resorts are unique in their own way. They provide you with various options whereby you can have a great time with your family. Book resorts in Hyderabad keeping these points in mind.