Chris Oyakhilome launches wonderful new TV network, LoveWorld TV

Finding good quality christian television can seem like a challenge, especially with today’s television networks focusing more on reality TV based programs. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome who operates the Christ Embassy has developed a new christian themed television station, which is set to launch in July 2017. The new station which is going to be coined Loveworld USA will air all different types of christian related programming. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has operated Ministry since 1990, and his ministry has grown to an astounding 40,000 members and growing.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has seen the need for another christian television network, and as such has used his Christ embassy ministry as the back bone for his new christian tv station. The Christ embassy has been known to attract as many as 2.5 million viewers in a single night, and Chris Oyakhilome hopes this will resonate onto the television station. Loveworld USA which is based out of California will be broadcast online, this enables a much broader spectrum of viewers to enjoy the quality christian programming that is going to be offered on the network.

Chris Oyakhilome has put a special interest into everything that is going to displayed on the network, and in fact there are three different networks. LoveWorld TV, LoveWorld SAT and LoveWorld Plus, with the latter of which being the first 24-hour christian television network to be broadcast in Africa. Every ounce of the LoveWorld project is special, and as such there are a few very different programs for viewers to enjoy.

For children there is the Easy Learning program, which is aired daily online and features different biblical learning challenges for children. This is important because children nowadays don’t get to enjoy very much christian related programming at all. For the older teenage viewers there is the Fun time Teens Club, which features more teenager appropriate programming which tackles real world problems that teenagers might face.

For the food lover there is the heavens kitchen show, which features godly cooking advise and delicious recipes, this show is also aired once a week. The nightly news show call Global Exchange has stories from around the world that relate to Christianity, and add to the sheer range of wonderfully different programming that is offered on LoveWorld TV. There is also LoveWorld SAT, which broadcasts christian related shows and music over satellite radio.

Listening to the different radio shows really gives an insight as to just how complex the LoveWorld TV network is. This is not just a simple operation, and a lot of time and effort has been put into all of these amazing TV shows and radio shows. Spreading the good word is the mission of LoveWorld TV, and they have done an amazing job of doing so. Allowing thousands of people who might not otherwise get the good word, even the millions of people in africa who are now able to watch christian related television programming thanks to LoveWorld TV.