Drug Effects On The Brain: From Blindness To Nerve Damage

You must have heard a lot about the dangers caused by drug abuse. Of the many effects, did you know that the use of narcotics, psychotropic, and other addictive substances can affect the work of the brain that serves as the center of body control? As a result, this will affect the whole function of your body. So, what kind of drug effects on the brain?
The effects of drugs on the brain that you should be aware of
Manipulate feelings, mood, and behavior said Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors

Because drugs affect the workings of the brain, drugs can change the mood of feelings, ways of thinking, awareness, and behavior of the wearer. That is why narcotics are called psychoactive substances. There are several kinds of effects of drugs on the brain, such as inhibiting the work of the brain, called depresansia, this will reduce awareness so that drowsiness arises. Examples are opioids such as opiates, morphine, heroin, pethidine), sedatives (sedatives and hypnotics) such as BK, Lexo, Rohyp, MG, and alcohol.

Drugs affect the part of the brain responsible for the ‘life’ feeling, called the limbus system. The hypothalamus as the center of pleasure in the brain is part of the limbus system. For more info, you can visit Medical Marijuana Doctors in Florida
Spurred excessive brain work

Drugs can also stimulate the work of the brain or the so-called stimulants, resulting in fresh feeling and enthusiasm, increased confidence, and relationships with others become familiar. However, this can cause you to not sleep, restlessness, palpitations faster and blood pressure increases. Examples are amphetamines, ecstasy, methamphetamine, cocaine, and nicotine contained in tobacco. Read also: Medical Cannabis