Fad Diets – The Red Flags

It’s easy for just about anyone, even someone that considers themselves to be well informed, to fall for fad diets and workout programs. It seems today like everyone is trying to cash in a quick buck and unfortunately that means that a lot of diet and exercise plans, products, and subscriptions are out there waiting for you. Many of them with misinformation! Many fad diets start off by claiming dramatic results in a short amount of time and while that may seem tempting its often more trouble than it’s worth. Below are some helpful tips and tricks on avoiding fad diets.

One of the most common signs that a diet is a fad and doesn’t actually produce any real results is that they promise quick weight loss! In today’s society of now, now, now, that’s exactly when we want everything. Now! The companies that advocate for and produce these fad diets realize this and they’re capitalizing on it. Many fad diets will make bold and unrealistic claims right off the bat or it’ll have a catchy name like “Spend $20 Lose 20 in 20 days!”. These can be some of the biggest red flags that fad diets have to offer. Diets that lead to rapid weight loss are typically not entirely healthy, nutritionally sound, and don’t offer lasting results.

The moment that you start a fad diet you might see some changes. Chances are you’ll see results and you’ll lose weight once you’ve begun this new fad diet but that doesn’t mean it’s going to last. This creates an endless cycle, a cycle that’s designed by these companies to keep their clientele coming back for more. You’ll feel like you’re really starting to make a change at the beginning. You’ll be losing all sorts of weight but once the diet becomes too restrictive, or you start to feel like it’s not really healthy for your body, you’ll gain the weight back and want to start the whole process all over again!

Luckily there are weight loss programs that you can trust. Like Weight Watchers! They offer incredible programs and amenities like personal coaching, online apps, meetings to help keep you motivated, proven methods, and so much more.

Hopefully these useful tips above have helped you to realize what fad diets are and the best ways to avoid them.