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The Work of a Marriage Counselor

There is an increase in the total number of failing marriages all over the world. The traditional setting of marriages has changed, and many individuals are not ready to handle the new dynamics. Some of the divorces being witnessed are an overreaction to what could have been a simple issue to resolve.

There are many marriages that have stopped satisfying their members. They see divorce as the answer. The work of a marriage counselor is to help them work through what they feel led to the dissatisfaction and resolve it.

Lack of communication is the primary cause, where in case a partner feels the have been wronged, they choose not to say and the other party does not acknowledge their mistake, which lingers in their minds, making the situation worse with each passing day. By hiring a marriage counsellor, there shall be an agreeable way of addressing these issues in a safe environment, and finding solutions to each one of them, in order for healing to take place, so that the partners can get back to a place where their mutual respect enables them to face their problems.
We all know why it is good to talk about what is disturbing us, but couples somehow manage to avoid those topics. The the negative attitude towards each other increases as the communication channels decrease. It is not wise to avoid taking on these problems head-on. The the idea of keeping mum when you feel you have been offended and trying to deal with it internally is terrible, as it can wreak havoc on your physical and emotional status.
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Marriage counselors are trained to advise couples on how to go about solving their fights. we all wish to have a listening ear to our issues. Ignoring or ridiculing your partner’s thoughts and feelings can hurt them.
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Many partners accuse their spouses of not being emotionally present. The ones accused tend to get shocked at this revelation. It is the job of the counsellor to pick apart all these incidences and have each member examine their role in the conflict. After seeking what they did, they can then look for how they should have instead acted. Couples usually have each other’s best interest. This process helps them become better at it with time.

Couples should practice direct response to their problems as soon as they crop up. Reports indicate that most couples will allow for too much time to pass before they opt to address their issues. This is normally close to six years. After such a long time, the situation may be irredeemable. The more they waited, the worse it became. That time is what killed their relationship.

Those who seek this kind of help in resolving their disputes, improving themselves as individuals, and practicing better communications with their partners end up in longer and more satisfying marriages than those who did not act in time. Marriage counselors are paid to ensure marriages are full of respect, good communication and love.