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Tips on Designing an Outdoor Kitchen An outdoor kitchen is a great addition to your home as it expands the living space allowing you to cook, entertain without booking reservations. Summers are best known for backyard grilling and BBQ’s, but a kitchen that is well designed allows you to cook outside beyond the summer months. Outdoor kitchens vary depending on the preferences of the homeowners; there are those that are as simple as a grill, with chairs and tables, while others are elaborate with outfitted complete seating and appliances. Although homeowners can set up a simple and straightforward kitchen, designing an outdoor kitchen that is superior will need a professional. Whether you decide to hire a pro or DIY, here are some expert tips that will help you in coming up with the best outdoor kitchen. Commence from the Ground going Up First and foremost, it is important that you decide on the floor plan and the materials that you will use. Beware of the different weather climates as well as the weight of the appliances that you intend to install. Safety should be the first thing that you take in mind when taking up such a project. Often, outdoor kitchens are located near wet surfaces such as spas and swimming pools. When selecting the flooring material, choose one that meets the safety criteria and not one that is too rugged or slick but ensure that it can endure food spills and grease.
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Appliances When you hire a professional outdoor kitchen designer the first question they will ask is, what size appliances you need and how many. Take into consideration how these appliances will fit within the design scheme, and what space each will need, and how they will work together.
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Identify a place to Set and Store There is a need for a place to put and store your items just as in the indoors kitchen. The only difference is that the storage space needs to be waterproof and endure the temperature changes. You can have countertops that combine both stainless steel and stone; these give a contemporary look that is both functional and stylish. Select counters and cabinets that are easy to clean and waterproof as it will be beneficial in the long run. Concrete counters are durable, smooth, and easy to maintain. The Ideal Location Where you decide to locate your outdoor kitchen depends on several factors. First, the wind pattern in your yard needs to be considered to avoid the grill smoke from getting back to your home. If you love to entertain and don’t want to travel a long distance to the inside kitchen, ensure that the outdoor kitchen is relatively closer to the inside one. Other things to consider are the safety of your family and also the view outside; strategically place the kitchen in a place where it doesn’t block the outside view.