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8 Best Health Benefits of Golfing

Golf is one of the most popular sports the world over. People from all geographical locations, walks of life, social standing, and ages find comfort in the sport. Here are 8 health benefits associated with playing golf.

Burns off calories

There’s a great deal of walking involved when covering 200-300 acres. Walking instead of using the golf cart around golf courses may cover 5 to 7 kilometers. If you decide to carry clubs, you will also burn additional calories. With all the swinging, walking, and carrying involved, you could burn up to one thousand calories in a game.
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Boosts heart rate
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Remember that any kind of physical activity helps you get your adrenaline pumping. In turn, this gets blood pumping to the heart, naturally strengthening it. Working out for only 30 minutes daily may help to decrease your blood pressure significantly. Workouts also help us lose weight, improve our cholesterol, and cut our risk of getting heart disease.

Beneficial for your brain

When the heart rate goes up, blood flows to the brain, which may enhance and stimulate connections in nerve cells. Therefore, this can delay mental diseases like dementia. When competing against one another, golfers compete against themselves too in order to achieve top personal scores. This kind of challenge boosts self-esteem and confidence, while the mental sharpness involved in adding up scores, fostering hand-eye coordination, and improving strategy will keep your brain active when it comes to logical functions.

Boosts vision

It requires pretty great vision to zero in on the little, round white ball. Each time you swing at that ball, you’ve got the chance to find how sharp your vision is. Hence, this is especially useful when you’re locating where the ball has just landed.

Low risk of injury

Golf is played for leisure and, unlike other sports, it has a low general risk of injury as it isn’t a contact sport. While golf is mainly a sport that involves accuracy, coordination, and strategy, it entails some physical activity considering the pivoting, swinging, and walking involved. Golf comes with decreased risk of injury but is still enough exercise to make your muscles engaged.

Enhanced sleep

Our bodies heal the most when we sleep. Between carrying your bag, walking around the golf course, prepping, and swinging, you will get adequate physical workout to quickly fall asleep as well as stay asleep throughout the night.

Lowers stress

It’s been proven that golfing releases endorphins, the totally natural, powerful mood-boosting drugs in the brain. Basically, golfing helps golfers relax, relieving stress, which can severely affect health.

Enhances blood circulation

Some people claim that playing golf may actually enhance blood circulation in the brain. This helps to boost cell connections in nerves, which can actually delay the development of dementia.