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Important Features That A preschool should have It is a good decision to enroll your child to a preschool before he or she joins kindergarten. This is because attending a preschool will greatly benefit the child. It is the expectation of many teachers that every child in their class have attended preschool. The success of education is usually pegged to the preschool education. However, each preschool is created in its own way. A good preschool ought to have the following features. A number one feature that every preschool ought to have is a secure and clean environment. Following the young ages of preschool children, they should fee; safe even as they go to school. The school environment should not in any way expose the children’s health to hazardous things or make the insecure. This means that the children should be attended to both mentally and physically. The school image should trigger a positive feeling in them. There are a number of facilities that should be present in any preschool. Examples of facilities that should be present in a preschool are toilet rooms, tidy dining area and toy cabinets. The facilities should be safe and have a connection to children. The furniture and other equipment should not have sharp edges. If there are any electric outlets, they should all be covered and any other harmful things should be kept away from the kids.
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Young children should have feel welcomed in any preschool atmosphere. It should not be threatening, rigorous or boring in any way. In this case, the classrooms should be bright with very captivating images that the children can be able to see. The kids should feel comfortable and safe while with their teachers. With this, the children will see that there will be more fun in school and that it is the best place to play and learn. A preschool with low standard may not be able to achieve its goals. Teacher-student ratio is a factor that determines quality in any preschool. Ideally, the ratio should of the teacher to students should be one to seven or ten. In case of a large class, it is important to have an assistant teacher because children need high level of supervision and interaction.
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What makes a daycare care different from preschool is that a preschool is structured in amore defined way. The best preschool should have a schedule for all the activities such as writing, playing and sleeping. To instill the value of responsibility in the young children, there should be routine duties for them. Such chores may include distributing the learning materials or cleaning up the room.