The Essential Laws of Health Explained

Letting Nature Take Its Course

The thing is that nature knows what it is doing. Just try to observe things around you. Look at ants as they show you how nature works. They surely do a great job. An ant works depending on its role. They know what job to do. Ants need not to get a set of instructions. Ants don’t suffer from midlife crisis or question if they are doing the right thing. This, of course, can’t be said about humans. During the time when life was simpler, we knew what we have to do. Our modern living made our lives totally complicated. We may be engaging in a debate on this without end. We may ask why Eve did that thing she wasn’t supposed to do. We gain challenges in the way because we ceased to listen to nature.

As we go along, we can apply this idea to various facets of life. Let’s take a closer look of our health. Our body works autonomously. Our lungs breathe, hearts beat and organs function on their own. This is a perfect example of nature working in our bodies. As we poised to be body’s dictator, we have failed in our attempt.

Our attempts to dictate our bodies, we have become unhealthier. It makes no sense because medicine is supposedly better today than before. Many of us are dying young. The thing is preventable death or diseases are on the rise like obesity. We face a puzzle on why we aren’t able to solve these problems. In some ways, it may be traced to our neglect of nature. We are trying to override nature and try to go away from the dictates of nature. We need to go back to the fact there is a link between mind and body. We need to ensure ourselves if we do things right. As we see today, the results are far from desirable.

We refuse to heed nature and just do what we want to do. We don’t let our bodies have a say on our health. We go on a diet, not because it is good for the body, but because they sound a nice idea. Fitness goals are not hit because of this kind of mindset. We sometimes neglect our health to the point it run a lot of risks. If the body is sore, it is trying to tell you that it is enough.

The best answer is to do nothing. Let nature take its course. You need not to make a decision to go on a diet or if your body needs weight loss cleanse, the body will tell you so.

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