This is the Effect if Sucking Marijuana In pregnant Women

We all already know that during pregnancy every pregnant mother is obliged to pay attention to everything she do every day. Starting from the diet, food menu until every habit that he did throughout pregnancy.

Believe it or not, in some countries not a few pregnant women who actually still smoke cannabis during pregnancy. Even in the United States, data collected by researchers in the Journal of the Florida Marijuana Doctor found at least 4 percent of pregnant women smoking cannabis.

Admittedly, Doctors in Florida this illegal goods have been legalized. But it just seems to add to the list of marijuana users that are no longer used by young people as “entertainers” for the problems they go through but also have penetrated among pregnant women.

A number of pregnant women believe that smoking cannabis can help them overcome the problem of actual morning sickness is normal. The use of cannabis can certainly have a bad impact on pregnancy. Let alone smoking marijuana, smoking that may be called lower levels if it must be compared with marijuana is prohibited, because it feared would adversely affect health and fetal growth. Especially if you smoke marijuana?

The results of research also reported by Marijuana Doctors in Florida, sucking marijuana during pregnancy will certainly give adverse effects on the fetus. From the results of research, pregnant women who smoke marijuana will make the fetus lose weight, when born the baby born with weight below the average. In addition, the results also reveal that babies born to mothers who smoke marijuana generally have to get intensive care after birth.