Top 5 Incredible Places to Visit in Shirdi

Shirdi, is considered as an integral part of spiritual destinations. Travelers from all over the world visit the town to witness its wonders. Situated in the Ahmednagar District of the Indian state of Maharashtra, Shirdi has attracted millions of tourists because of its spiritual significance. It is considered the home of notable saint of our history, Sri Sai Baba. The town also hosts the Sri Saibaba Sansthan trust which is known to be one of the richest organizations of temple.

To completely explore its spiritual significance and witness the greatness of the place, here are five places that are a must visit in Shirdi.

  1. Shri Saibaba Sansthan temple – Believed to be one of the most sacred shrines of the country, Shri Saibaba Sansthan temple is solely dedicated to Shri Sai Baba. People arriving get the opportunity to stand in queues for a glimpse of the saint’s idol, eat Prasad, donate money, book railway tickets, and get access to the dining halls. If the customers do not intend to stay in the temple’s premises, they can book online hotels in Shirdi as per their convenience. Travelers can also enjoy amusement rides, rain dance, and wax pool. Temple also has a gym and sauna for its visitors.
  2. Gurusthan – Another magnificent spot of Shirdi is Gurusthan which means teacher’s seat, located in Kopargaon. It is the first place situated under an Indian lilac tree where people believed Sai baba appeared for the first time, then aged 16. Gurusthan boasts a beautiful shrine where Sai Baba’s portrait is placed with Nandi in front of it and shiva lingam besides it. Visitors visit this spot mainly because of their belief that placing the lighted incense sticks here can help them get rid of various ailments. Gurusthan is located at a distance of 15kms from Shirdi.
  3. Samadhi Mandir – A Nagpur Millionaire, devotee of Sai Baba had constructed the beautiful Samadhi temple made out of marble. The person wanted the idol of Lord Murlidhar to be placed inside the temple and it is considered as the saint declared himself as the lord. In the middle of two exceptionally beautiful pillars, Samadhi temple stands high.
  4. Shani Shingnapur – It is spectacular. It is one of the very many magical places of the town devoted to Lord Shani. Residents and pilgrims visiting the place believe that lord is still residing in the stone in the form of which he emerged. The stone has no significance when it comes to its architectural beauty. The symbolizing planet of Lord Shani is Saturn and is also known as Swayambhu. The most important thing for which the place is popular is the residents’ trust in their deity.

There is not a single house in the village that is locked at any given the time of day. Residents here strongly believe that the lord is the protector of their belongings. The devotion of these people is simply remarkable.

  1. Dwarkamai – One can consider it as a treasure of the town for its devotees. Tourists can easily come across residents who are welcoming, kind, and example of tolerance. The influence of atmosphere of the mosque is incredible along with the tremendous diversity. One can frequently spot tourists making their offerings or praying before dhuni or even reading from the sacred textbooks and some standing in deep thoughts.


These are some of the most visited places of Shirdi with thousands and millions of tourists visiting the town in a year. Tourists pre-book online hotels in Shirdi for a comfortable stay during the trip. If you are yearning to witness some spiritual ambience, visit the town. Beyond a doubt, it will be an unforgettable trip of a lifetime.