Understanding Common Shoulder Problems

While shoulder pain becomes common as people become old, there are several causes of the problem. Common reasons why people have reported shoulder pains may have resulted from osteoarthritis or a broken bone. Bones that can break to cause shoulder pain include the collarbone and humerus. Poor posture and frozen shoulders may also result to shoulder pain. For starters, a frozen shoulder is a condition that causes restriction of shoulder movement. Other causes may be rotator cuff disorders, acromioclavicular joint disorders as well as shoulder instability. Find more resources on causes of shoulder pain and remedies by clicking of the above link.

Shoulder pain treatment
Even before you think about going to the doctor, there are some shoulder pains that you can treat. While there are many proven ways of doing this, common methods involve the use of pain killers and ice packs. These two are very effective in reducing inflammation. Also, it’s advisable you stay away from activities that may worsen the situation. However, some serious cases may result in physiotherapy, surgery as well as corticosteroids injections. Corticosteroids is a drug that contains hormones. When the shoulder pain persists, consider going to the doctor. Remember that shoulder pain can last up to 18 months.


While there are complicated should problems, none of them is as straightforward as a dislocation. In a layman’s language, dislocation occurs when the ball found on the shoulder pops out of the socket. The main cause of a shoulder dislocation is a twisting or pulling the body part very hard. The treatment process is quite simple as the doctor has to push the ball back to its socket. This is not the only proven way of treating a dislocated shoulder. It can be treated by wearing a sling. This works by ensuring the shoulder stays in its place. Icing the shoulder three times a day can also work. Finally, exercising can also improve your shoulder in case of a dislocation. Rest can also be very helpful.

Frozen shoulder

A frozen shoulder like we earlier said is very common. This condition can arise when the lubrication fluid in the joint is missing. It can also be caused by the worsening of the rheumatic disease. Whenever the shoulder is not being used because of chronic pain, it can result in a frozen shoulder. Common methods that are used to treat this condition include heat and medicines such as pain killers. At the same time, the condition can be treated through cortisone injection, surgery, and electrical stimulation. Common pain killers that doctors will recommend to you when you have a shoulder pain include naproxen, diclofenac as well as ibuprofen. Codeine and paracetamol can also work. As for corticosteroids, they are drugs that act by injecting hormones into the body. These hormones may reduce swelling or pain.


Before you can go to the doctor, ensure that your condition is serious and it needs attention. Through this article, it is possible to understand some of the causes of shoulder pains. Also, the article highlights about common treatment methods.